Garden Clubs

Company Garden Club Policy

McDonald Garden Center is proud to be a supporter of the Garden Clubs of the Hampton Roads area. We support a variety of clubs annually through seminars and classes exclusively for the Garden Clubs. Due to staffing and space constraints in recent years, the ways in which we support the Garden Clubs has now changed.

Garden Clubs will now need to pay a fee of $300 per seminar of up to 50 garden club members during the peak season months of April - June and September - December to schedule any day of the week. During the other months of January - March and July - August, seminars will be free to the Garden Clubs with a limit of no weekend seminars.

Below are the other guidelines outlined on the website for all Garden Club meeting/class inquiries:

Garden Club Guidelines:

  • Garden Club specified meetings and seminars can only be held at our year-round location on Independence Blvd. In Virginia Beach, VA. There will be no off-site meetings or seminars provided by McDonald Garden Center staff.
  • Garden Club meetings/classes are limited to 50 people per event.
  • Requests for meetings and classes at certain times and days are approved at the discretion of McDonald Garden Center.
  • On-site location for seminars will be determined by McDonald Garden Center by assessing the amount of members and the weather of the day decided on.

We appreciate the Garden Clubs of Hampton Roads' commitment and continued support of McDonald Garden Center and our other programs.

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact Carly Melvin at