Online Webinars

McDonald Garden Center is bringing you weekly online webinars that stream live on Facebook. Join Garden Guru, Mike Westphal, all season long for tips, tricks and more on all your holiday needs.

Online Seminars

Facebook Live Webinar -Top 5 Veggies to Plant for Fall

Live Stream - McDonald Garden Center's Facebook Page

Now that you’ve finished off the last of your spring and summer crops, it’s time to move onto the next best thing in gardening: fall veggies. But what are the best veggies to plant for this year’s harvest? Mike, the Garden Guru is here to help you decide with his top 5 list of fall veggie favorites for this season. Join in on this webinar to not only learn what Mike loves about these mystery veggies, but why you should too!


Facebook Live Webinar - Fall Happy Hour Q&A

Live Stream - McDonald Garden Center's Facebook Page

It’s time for a fall Question & Answer session with Mike, the Garden Guru! Join us for a live happy hour, sit back, relax, and ask Mike all your pressing gardening questions for fall. Whether it’s about planting up your fall veggies, decorating your fall porch, or just seeing what’s new in stock, Mike is here to answer all questions on gardening in this special webinar. 


Facebook Live Webinar - Why Fall is the Best Time to Plant

Live Stream - McDonald Garden Center's Facebook Page

Just because the weather is turning cooler and the leaves are beginning to drop doesn’t mean that you need to pause your gardening routine! There are endless possibilities for fall, whether that’s replanting your summer containers, rearranging your porch and patio with decor, or rehauling your garden beds with all the newest fall favorites. Join the Garden Guru as he runs through all your options in this week’s webinar.


Facebook Live Webinar - Staff Fall Favorites

Live Stream - McDonald Garden Center's Facebook Page

Fall, in general, is a favorite time of year for many, so what about our favorite items here at the garden center? Every year we collect our staff’s top plants and products to give you a full perspective on the season ahead. Join Mike, the Garden Guru, in this live webinar to learn more about what the staff here at McDonald Garden Center has chosen for their top favorites this year.  



Facebook Live Webinar - DIY: How to Age Terracotta

Live Stream - McDonald Garden Center's Facebook Page

As one of the most-used pots of all time, it is clear that terracotta is a popular choice for gardeners everywhere. Terracotta can come in a variety of sizes and styles to cater to your garden needs, however, you are always going to have the same, famously orange color regardless of what look you get. Mike, the Garden Guru, is here to show you how to age and style your terracotta planters to add even more intrigue to your garden in this online webinar.