How to Shape a Lifelike Tree

Before you deck out your Christmas tree with ornaments, picks, and ribbon, you need to start with a great shape. The shape of a lifelike tree not only helps with holding your dazzling trinkets but will also give your tree a more realistic look. Our Green Team experts have put together these three easy steps to help make your lifelike tree sparkle and shine this season! 



Before you get started shaping your tree, select a location for the tree near a power source and find an additional 5 amp -3 prong extension cord. This will make your job easier when it comes to lighting everything up at the end. 



Remove the tree from the box. Use caution as you do, so you don’t cut the wiring for the lights when removing straps from the box. The majority of trees have three parts: a bottom, middle and top piece. These are usually separated for ease when it comes to storing them. 



Place the tree stand in the selected location and screw bolts into the stand, do not tighten the bolts all the way at this time. 

Place the bottom section of the tree into the stand and make sure the pole goes all the way to the bottom. Now it is time to tighten the bolts once the tree is secure and level. You can then allow the branches to fall and connect the lighting inside the bottom part of the tree to your power source.



Now the shaping begins! Shape the bottom row of branches starting with the foliage nearest the pole and work your way out to the tips of the branch. Create an alternating V shape by shaping the foliage, making sure to pay attention to each little branch. Once a row is a complete move up to the next and shape in the same manner until the bottom section is entirely complete. 

Insert the middle section of the tree, and connect the lighting and shape in the same manner as you did the bottom section. At this point, it is a good idea to step away from the tree and view your progress as well as make adjustments as you see fit. 

The top section of the tree should be shaped before placing it on the tree, with foliage shaped generally upwards. 


PRO-TIP: You may want to wear gloves while shaping your lifelike tree to avoid scratches or irritation. Gardening gloves work great for this!  


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