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Give your entryway a makeover this season with these Christmas door decorating ideas. Festive and colorful, wreaths are the perfect way to welcome holiday guests into your home. A wreath is a great addition to the inside and outside of your home. You can choose a traditional style or get creative with something more modern. Don’t be overwhelmed - wreaths are as simple as picking the form, the picks, the ribbons and the trimmings. You can make an infinite variety of wreaths from real or fresh greenery and just a few supplies. Each year, you can add to your creation or simply take the décor off and create something new. Wreaths are great to do with family and friends and take very little time to make.

To Get Started:

  1. Pick your wreath

  2. Whether you are choosing grapevine, moss, faux greens or a combination of all. The wreath form is the structure for which your décor will sit. Make sure that the wreath is the correct size for your door and that it is sturdy enough so that your door will open and close easily.

    Grapevine – this traditional wreath form is natural and less dense. It will give a rustic look and can transition from fall to Christmas easily.

    Faux Greens – the quintessential Christmas wreath, this form offers a full green backdrop for all your decoratives. Either tuck in some fresh greens or use as it is. Available in a myriad of sizes this wreath form can be as simple or complex as you would want to make it.

    Moss – with a garden, natural feel this form requires very little trimmings to make a stunning statement. The chartreuse green is a fresh color for Christmas décor and pairs great with red.

  3. Pick your trimmings

  4. Choose from a variety of picks, ornaments and sprays to embellish your wreath. Look for items that will match your décor or make a statement on your front door. The sparkly the better! Just be sure to use floral wire to secure your ornaments and embellishments.

  5. Pick your ribbon

  6. Wire ribbon is great because it will form and nice bow and hold its shape. However, floppy ribbon is beautiful too for a more free-form elegant look. Choose ribbon that pairs well with your embellishments.

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Accent the Season


Add warmth and fresh fragrance to your holidays with Rosemary cones and topiaries.

Cooks know Rosemary as the perfect flavoring for chicken, turkey, pork, lamb or shellfish. Decorators are familiar with Rosemary as a holiday accent that can be used throughout the home for its pleasing and soothing aroma and style. For entertaining, arrange trees around the buffet, on side servers, or as table centerpieces. In the entry, their fresh, crisp fragrance welcomes guests and beckons them inside. With their festive wraps, these tabletop plants add splashes of color and shimmering accents throughout the holiday season.

To care for Rosemary, the most important requirement during the winter months is sunlight. Place in a bright sunny window, and turn the plant so that it gets sun on both sides. The soil in the pot is needs to be well drained. Water it from the top every other day. Water may remain in the saucer to provide humidity for the plant, but do not the let the water touch the bottom of the plant. Adjust the watering schedule if necessary to be sure the soil never dries out.

Keep your Rosemary from freezing at all times, away from drafts and extreme heat. We recommend fertilizing at a regular two-week interval during the winter months with a water-soluble fertilizer such as McDonald Green Leaf.

Trees Inspired by Nature

Find the perfect for tree for your holiday decorating this season. The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of holiday decor and we offer a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to find the perfect nature inspired tree. Lasting for seasons to come, these trees will showcase all of your decorative items and make a stunning adddition to your holidays. Come in to see all the varieities, and check out a few of our favorites here.

Hunter Fir– one of our best-sellers.This is a traditional shaped tree with a full, wide look. There are lots of decorating options with this tree. Replicated after a Frasier Fir, its lower branches are angled down, the middle branches are straight out and the top branches face up, giving this tree a realistic look. Branches are decorated with pine cones. Once decorted, the pine cones tend to disappear, but they can be removed.

Kensington Fir – With virtually 100% molded tips, this tree will last a long time. Slightly blue or frosted looking in color, this tree is very full and wide, with a great overall shape . It is amazing when lite at night. With sturdy, stacked branches, this tree is great for larger, heavier ornaments. Very life-like, this tree offers the highest tip count of any other tree, by about 10,000 tips.

Savannah Spruce – A traditional tree with a slimmer line, it is classied as a medium sized tree. It has shorter, fat molded tips, so it looks like new growth on a spruce. With bright green color this tree gives a fresh look to Christmas decor. It is a very full and extremely durable tree.

Flat Rock Spruce – This tree is a stunner. It offers six different types of foliage looks, from molded tips, to traditional branches to bottle brush bristles, in all shapes and sizes. One of the fullest trees in our showroom, this tree gets better with time as it is shaped and reshaped.

Ridgeline Fir – Ridgeline is a slim model tree with very small needles. This tree collection offers a light green color and molded tips. With a nice slim shape, this tree has a great taper from top to bottom so it will not look too columnar. Nice for showing off ornaments with it’s in-and out style this tree looks like fir you see growing on the tops of the mountains.

Melville Fir – New this year. This complete line of trees offers a light green new growth look made out of the plastic mold and a nice full to medium shape. This tree shows off ornaments very well and will brighten up any room. Available in a multitude of sizes including a 9 ft multi color tree, this tree is simple in deisgn.

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