Julia Goforth

Julia Goforth

Landscape Designer
Working to bring her love of design and all things botanical together, Julia is every bit as passionate as you are about creating an amazing vision for your home and garden.

Julia was born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and received a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from Virginia Tech. While working toward her design degree, she took several horticultural classes and discovered her passion for plants. While in the Hampton Roads area she has spent time working with garden markets and at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens to further her knowledge. Working to bring her love of design and all things botanical together, she is excited to be creating amazing landscapes.

When I'm not working

Planning my next over-the-top themed party, baking a gingerbread gothic cathedral, working my way through all of Stephen King's Novels, camping with my two kittens, and caring for my ever-expanding collection of houseplants.

Gardening Advice

Be patient and celebrate the growth, no matter how small. One of the most amazing things about landscapes is that they are living things, so try to find beauty in all stages of the process, not just the final result.

Favorite Plants

Rosemary, Gardenia, Lavender, Hibiscus, Hosta, Camelias, Spruces, and the always impressive California Redwoods

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