Pollinator Palooza

Pollinator Palooza
Year-Round Locations and Seasonal Garden Markets

Pollinators are the underrated heroes of the plant world. Whether it’s bee’s, birds, or butterflies, pollinators make sure that we can have a beautifully lush world to live in as well as keep fresh fruits and veggies on the table.

Join us as we celebrate National Pollinator Week, June 19th-25th, 2023. Take advantage of great deals on buzz-worthy pollinator plants, décor, and more to bee-utify your home and garden. Be sure to visit our Independence location to see our monarch butterfly tent and tune-in to our pollinator-inspired Facebook Live Webinar June 22nd at 11a.m. to learn about the importance of plants and pollinators.

More Details About Pollinator Palooza: 

The Monarch Butterfly Tent at Our Independence Blvd. Location

Mike the Garden Guru's Webinar on Thursday, June 22nd