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Our Top 5 Poinsettias of the Season

As one of the most famed and favored holiday houseplants, poinsettias are known for their fantastic color, tropical nature, and rich history. This makes them the perfect plant to have around to ring in some holiday cheer and create family traditions. At our year-round locations, we not only carry the traditional red poinsettia, but over 10 other varieties, as well as various sizes, to suit your decorating and gifting needs.

Solutions for the Top 5 Most Common Houseplant Pests

Mealy Bugs - These fuzzy creatures are not as cute as they seem. Mealy Bugs are another sap-sucking pest that likes to sip on your plants’ natural sugars. These pests can be elusive to spot early on, however, due to their fuzzy white appearance, they are very identifiable.