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This drought tolerant container will offer non stop interest all season long and for seasons to come. By using perennials in containers, you can create a style that offers more look for less bucks and returns year after year. This container recipe is easy and grows in full sun. Try this recipe.

Here's what you need:

  • Low Container
  • Natural and Organic Potting Soil
  • Sedum Dragon's Blood
  • Hens and Chicks
  • Ice Plant
  • Ascot Rainbow Euphorbia
  • Stonecrop
  • McDonald Green Leaf Fertilizer


  1. To get started, choose a low container so that the texture of the succulents will be seen. We like using this cross hatch square container, but a terra cotta bulb pan or umbrella pot would work great too.
  2. Fill the pot with potting soil about ¾ of the way full. We recommend using McDonald Natural & Organic Potting Mix. We suggest mixing a handful of McDonald Greenleaf fertilizer into the soil.
  3. We used Ascot Rainbow Euphorbia as the thriller in this container. Place towards the back of the pot to add height. Euphorbia is a tough performing perennial with unique variegated foliage.
  4. For the filler, we used Stonecrop and Hens & Chicks. By placing these asymmetrically on the sides, you can create a unique composition. Stonecrop has water storing leaves and is a vivid green. Hens and Chicks will offer a structured rosette to the container.
  5. For the spillers, we used Ice Plant and Sedums. The Ice Plant will boast small yellow blooms all through the summer and trail out of the container with its tiny succulent leaves. The Sedum we used was Dragons Blood, which offers deep red flowers in contrast with the green leaves during warm weather.

McDonald TIP: This container is a succulent garden - remember not too over water this container combo.

Container Gardening - Easy as ONE. TWO. THREE.

Looking for easy ways to add pizazz to your deck or patio? There's nothing better than a container garden to jazz things up. Just follow this classic formula for guaranteed success! First, choose a container as it will set the tone for the space. Container options are limitless, including pots, boxes, baskets, urns, hanging baskets, and window boxes... just get creative.

Once you've selected your container, start selecting the real stars of the show, the plants.

  1. THRILLER. Choose a super showy thriller plant to go center stage. It should be taller than the rest and stand out due to it's color and strong stature.

    Shade Thrillers: Ivy Topiaries • Rita's Gold Fern • Majesty Palm • Red Sister
    Sun Thrillers: Juniper Topiaries • Hibiscus Standards • Geraniums • Ornamental Grasses

  2. FILLER. Select flowers that fill in the area directly around your thriller. These will really add sparkle and depth to your planter.

    Shade Fillers: Impatiens • Green Leaf Begonias • Ferns
    Sun Fillers: Diamond Frost Euphorbia • Marigolds • Petunias • Lantana • Vinca • Bronze Leaf Begonias

  3. SPILLER. Finally, add blooms or foliage that gently cascades over the edge of your container. Spillers add dimension and a little added drama... extending the container into it's surrounding space.

    Shade Spillers: Trailing Coleus • Ivy • Lotus Plant • Asparagus Fern
    Sun Spillers: Bacopa • Sweet Potato Vine • Verbena • Trailing Petunias • Million Bells

Be the First on the Block


Be the first on your block to get this eye-catching and unique bloom. With a trailing growth habit, it’s a perfect spiller in containers, hanging baskets or window boxes. This bi-colored annual features pink-and-white flower heads contrasted by rich green foliage. Twister Pink is a heat lover that will thrive throughout our summer's heat and humidity. It will bloom from early spring all the way through until frost. Pinch spent blooms and trim foliage to encourage new growth. We love this new verbena paired with survivor pink geraniums or white geraniums.


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