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5 Tips for Planting Spring Bulbs

One of the most important aspects of fall gardening is the preparation for the upcoming spring season with spring-blooming bulbs! The emergence of colorful bulb blooms like tulips, daffodils, crocuses, and hyacinths is definitely a sight to see after the cold winter months. To ensure a vibrant and blooming garden come springtime, it's crucial to plant these bulbs correctly in the fall. In this blog, we'll explore five different ways to plant spring bulbs.  

5 Tips for Bulb Success

Bulbs-the perfect plant for the laid-back gardener. Really, all you need to do is dig, drop, and then you’re done! However, there are ways to make your bulb gardening even more successful, and we are here to help. 1. Find the Perfect Spot 

Holly Jolly Holiday Bulbs

Nothing says “seasons greetings” like brightly colored blooms throughout your home. Holiday bulbs are the perfect way to both easily decorate as well as stun your guests with blazing colors. Blooming bulbs are a bit unassuming at first, but they will reward you with weeks of intrigue and beauty throughout the holiday season. During this time of year, our all-time favorites here at the garden center tend to be amaryllis and paperwhite bulbs.