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Zinnias in the Limelight


Where would summer be without beloved zinnias? These easy-to-grow annual flowers really put a pop of color & structure in the summer landscape. They are super easy to grow and available in a rainbow of colors. One zinnia variety we just can't get enough of this season is the Queen Zinnia Lime Red. This unique, statuesque flower is sure to take center stage as the 'queen' of the garden this summer!

These boast large fluffy blooms in shades of lime sprinkled with a subtle maroon that stand above well-branched, bushy, dark green leaves. The bi-colored flowers can even span 3 inches across! These warm weather favorites feature a long bloom time and drought resistance for fabulous garden performance. These beauties will bloom from early summer into fall. And, standing at 24-30 inches tall, they are great in borders or as an accent, and of course, look amazing in pots. These flowers are also a perfect addition to any cutting garden, as you’ll have fresh blooms to bring indoors all summer long!

Tip: Be sure to pinch these plants so that they will continue to profusely flower all throughout the summer.