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Welcome Fall to Your Front Door

Haven't you heard the famous expression, "Fall is for front doors?" Well ok, maybe we haven't either- but we believe adorning your outdoor dwelling should be on the top of every good garden lover's priority list. McDonald Garden Center offers a plethora of options..but how does one choose? We hope to narrow the search to a few must-haves to get you "beat-the-Jonses-ready" this autumn.

A facelift for your planter
We can offer a seasonal transition from summer to fall that's so seamless, your friends won't even know you had work done! Refresh existing planters with a ring of colorful, cold-tolerant annuals. If you have an arborvitae or boxwood that you planted earlier in the season, use it as the centerpiece and add plants that’ll flourish when the weather gets cooler. Use plants such as pansies, crotons, ornamental pepper and cabbage. (Pssstttt...We do have Pansy Party coming up October 7th-9th!)

Great pumpkins aren't just for Charlie Brown
Don't fight the everything pumpkin trend, you rebel. Embrace it! Pumpkins in various colors and sizes make a beautiful fall decoration when piled in a planter or placed along the steps of your porch. You can also cut the top of a pumpkin off and place mums inside. If your planter is too big for your pumpkins, use a block of florist's foam to lift pumpkins and gourds into view. Mums WITH pumpkins? Yes please!

Small in size, substantial in style
Small pumpkins and gourds can also make the perfect addition to an oversize pot filled with your favorite flowers. Coordinate the colors of the flowers and pumpkins to enhance this entry decoration's seasonal charm.

Think these options are Don't worry fancy pants, come visit any of our three year round locations and one of our experts will help you snazzy-up your space in no time! ...But we're 97.4% sure you'll still leave with a pumpkin.