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Asian Moon Butterfly Bush

We’re Over-the-Moon for this One, Asian Moon Butterfly Bush

As fragrant as it is beautiful, the butterfly bush (buddleja) is a must-have for that sunny spot in your garden. The long flower spikes of colorful, nectar-rich blooms appear all summer long and attract crowds of butterflies and other pollinators.

Asian Moon Butterfly bush, also known as Summer Lilac, is a dramatic and fragrant addition to the landscape featuring long, graceful panicles of light purple flowers with orange eyes that flower from June through late fall. And thanks to shrewd breeding and hybridization, this buddleja is completely sterile (does not produce seed) and won’t spread outside your garden. And, no seed production also means the plant can produce more flowers rather than spending energy producing seeds. Asian Moon reaches approximately 7-feet but can be easily cut back to maintain its size. It grows effortlessly in hot, dry and sunny locations and is a magnet for butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. Perfect in containers, borders, cottage gardens, rose gardens or butterfly gardens.

TIP: Asian Moon is a popular cut flower, so be sure to bring some indoors to enjoy its rich color and honey fragrance.