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The Vintage Petunia


This is the perfect bloom for a sunny spot! Antique pink rose petals bloom early to create lush flower filled containers from top to tip. Compact and controlled this beauty won’t overtake other plants. With a beautiful ruffled edge this bloom shows all the shades of pink. The shell pink edges deepen to a deeper shade of pink fading into a plum center. Plant in full sun for lots of blooms and good draining soil. Grows 8-12 inches high with 12-14 inch spread. This ‘tunia is perfect for mixed combos, hanging baskets, border edgings and mass landscape plantings.

For best performance, this annual will require occasional upkeep. Simply trim off the flower heads as they fade to encourage more blooms all season long. It’s a good choice for attracting hummingbirds, but isn’t particularly attractive to deer (and, that’s a good thing).