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Turn up the Grill with BBQ Rosemary!

It's official, grilling season has begun. Get prepared for your outdoor cooking and entertaining by adding Barbeque Rosemary to your landscape. This plant boasts long, upright stems which are perfect for skewering and roasting vegetables and meats, and it's foliage is especially good flavor for grilling. It will quickly form an upright hedge of aromatic needles with profuse, blue-purple flowers. Barbeque Rosemary can grow to be four to six feet tall. Best of all it is heat tolerant, drought tolerant and deer resistant.

Rosemary is a fabulous herb for arid gardens. It is a beautiful foundation shrub that will provide year round coverage. This plant will thrive in full sun, but should have good drainage. Add it to a Mediterranean garden as a hedge or simply use in a pot as for the kitchen or on the grill.

We love making skewers for kabobs with these rosemary sticks. Cut off the branches that you need and strip off the leaves to use as a skewer for meats, veggies, and even fruits such as strawberries or pineapple. The savory essence of rosemary comes through beautifully without overpowering the food. After one try you won’t want to go back to ordinary skewers again!

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