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Treecycle Your Christmas Tree

Just weeks ago you picked the perfect Christmas tree, and it doesn't have to go to waste. To us, the outcome is not only sustainable, but a fitting way to complete the cycle for this truest symbol of Christmas.

Treecycling is the practice of recycling Christmas trees in order to extend their usability. Common practices include chipping trees for use as mulch in community areas, erosion protection in fragile areas such as river deltas, underwater habitat creation and shoreline stabilization.

Did you know that just because your tree gets picked up curbside, that doesn’t guarantee that it will be recycled?

Depending on where you live and which method you use, the process of recycling your Christmas tree after the holidays may not seem so cut and dry. By taking the guess work out of treecycling, you can be confident that your tree will be repurposed rather than end up in a landfill.

The first thing you need to do is establish your best treecycling option. Earth911 has compiled the largest, most comprehensive treecycling database in the U.S. making it easier than ever to find your treecycling solution. The directory offers thousands of events across the country. By simply entering your zip code, you can find all of your local collection and drop off options in one place! By doing a quick search, you can find a recycling program as well as important details such as hours of operation, special instructions and any fees that may apply.

Find out how you can TREEcycle in your zip code! >>

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