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You say tomato, I say basil.

Tomatoes and Basil. A perfect pair for every garden and every palette! There's no two edibles that go together better than these two garden favorites. Many people will grow a tomato or two, but miss out on the delicious rewards of growing basil. Basil is very easy to grow and can be squeezed in near your tomato plants. Some say that, planting basil within 18-inches of a tomato plant can actually improve the flavor of the fruit and repel many insect pests.

Basil is an annual herb and requires a warm, sunny spot to grow. It can easily be started from seed, but if you are impatient you can purchase them as a small plant. Basil is available after the threat of frost has past, typically around April 15. Look for it now at your local McDonald. Basil requires regular watering and you'll want to keep the soil moist, but not saturated. Basil roots will rot and kill the plant if they sit in water too long. Once your Basil plant is about 6 to 12 inches tall, you should begin harvesting the leaves. We suggest using the larger leaves first. Keep your plant from producing flowers by pinching off the flower spikes when they appear. By pinching off flowers, you'll help your plant produce more delicious edible leaves, and not waste energy on flower production. Try these customer favorites in your garden!

SWEET BASIL - A must-have herb for every garden. Best used fresh. Very aromatic with spicy flavor. Sweet Basil pairs great with tomatoes and tomato-flavored dishes.

LEMON BASIL - Known for its fresh, tangy citrus flavor and fragrance. Perfect for use in salads, dressings, vinegars, and fish dishes.

THAI BASIL - Characterized by its slightly sweet, strong licorice fragrance and flavor, it's also referred to as anise or licorice basil. Used as a condiment in Thai and Vietnamese dishes and great for stir-fried dishes.

PESTO PERPETUO BASIL - The beauty and flavor of this variety will earn a prominent spot in your garden. Stunning light green and cream variegated leaves make it an eye-catching gem. Strong enough to carry your best pesto recipe all by itself or to top fresh slices of tomato and mozzarella.

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Who says they won’t eat their veggies?

Looking for a way to get your kids to eat their fruits & veggies? Well, there’s bribery and there’s trickery... not to mention all out war! Statistics show kids aren't getting nearly enough fruits and veggies. Only 22% of children ages 2 to 5 meet government recommendations for vegetables consumption, according to a recent study by researchers at Ohio State University. It only gets worse as children get older. Only 16% of children ages 6 to 11 meet the government's guidelines and just 11% of those ages 12 to 18.

It’s a fact that kids love to be involved and learn through hands-on projects, so why not get your kids in the garden with our NEW line of Chef Jeff Kid Veggies. Not only will your kids get involved, but it’s a great way to spend time with your little gardeners too. So get your little ones and make memories in the garden that you can bring to the table!

Scrumptious fruit & veggie plants for your little sprouts:

Tommy the Tomato - tasty fruit that produces delicious, large 1 to 2 pound tomatoes. The perfect addition to sandwiches salads, or use to make fresh salsa or pizza sauce. Requires the support of a stake or cage. Plant in a sunny spot, 24-30" apart (70 days to maturity).

Beansy the Coolbean - produces beautiful white flowers that turn into tender green beans that can be picked all season long! Beans are best picked when they are 7-8" long. Be sure to provide them with a fence, trellis, or pole to climb up. Plant in a sunny spot, 12-18" apart (90 days to maturity).

Luke the Cuke - kids can watch as each yellow flower turns into a tasty dark green cucumber. Pick and eat these cuks straight out of the garden or use in your favorite sandwiches or salads. Plant in ground or containers in a sunny spot and pick often to keep new cucumbers coming all season long. Plant 12-18" apart (55 Days to maturity).

Sherry the Berry - sweet strawberry that produces fruit all summer long! Plant in a sunny location and water frequently, and you’ll be rewarded with fruit year after year! Also great when grown in containers. Use in fruit or green salads or dip in fresh cream for a special treat! Plant 12" apart (height 6-8").

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