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Whether you're hours away from a coastline or steps away from golden sand, bring the beach inside your home with a beach-themed garden in glass. Beach décor is all the rage this season and can be found everywhere from pillows to carpets to dinnerware. Embrace this trend with your own terrarium and capture an endless summer. You can even bring back seashells or a special memento from your summer vacation to showcase in your project.

Here's what you need:

  • glass bowl or hanging orb
  • sand
  • Tillandsia plants
  • shells, starfish, fish net and coral

Assembly is easy and fun for all ages. Simply fill the bowl with sand and then start placing your beach items. You can hang the glass orb with natural ribbon or twine for that beachy look.

Tillandsia Plants: There are about 500 different species of tillandsia and the best known is the Spanish moss that gracefully hangs from oak trees throughout the South. Tillandsia is part of the bromeliad family and is sometimes divided into grey-leaved air plants and green-leaved terrestrial plants. All tillandsia are naturally epiphytic air plants that grow by clinging to trees and extracting excess moisture from the air. Tillandsias prefer to be mounted or placed on a solid surface that does not retain water. Try glueing it or using chicken wire to put into place. Don't cover the base of the plant with moss or dirt as it may rot. Tillandsia can be grown on almost any imaginable decorative mount, including shells, rocks, slate, driftwood, etc. We like placing them in glass orbs and hanging them in windows for a green element in the house. To water, simply mist 2-4 times a week with a water bottle. Never leave them standing in water.

Gardens In Glass


Give a growing gift this season! With Christmas just around the corner, finding the perfect gift for the perfect someone can be challenging. Why not consider one of these unique gardening gifts. Terrariums, dish gardens and even hanging glass orbs bring a fresh accent to any décor and these versatile minis can be placed anywhere. Mini gardens are a wonderful way to display plants indoors, and decorating with plants adds life to any room and brings a sense of warmth to any home.

These versatile miniatures are easy to create using any clear container. Jars, bottles, vases and aquariums are some of the more commonly used containers. However, you can use a terrarium jar, cloche or any open vessel. Just be sure to choose something that is large enough to accommodate the plants that you want to use and that the container is transparent for easy viewing and will allow sunlight to penetrate. Adorn your mini garden with houses, benches, miniature wheelbarrows, furniture or any other petite accessory. Or embellish with a few holiday accents for a festive feel. The skies the limit, so let your imagination run free! We offer a wide selection of unique glass containers and accessories for just about any theme or indoor space you can think of. Stop in for some unique ideas for that special someone on your list this holiday season.

The No-Fuss Garden

Terrariums are a top trend and easy to care for -- just plant it and forget it. For even the most botanically inept, terrariums are extremely easy to create and amazingly low-maintenance. When properly planted and located, they provide a unique way to grow assorted plants with minimal care. Most terrariums will grow successfully on their own for several years. Here are a few tips for caring for and maintaining a terrarium:

Location, Location, Location: Place the terrarium in a bright location, but not in direct sunlight.

Closed Versus Open: If kept sealed, closed terrariums typically do not need to be watered since the plants recycle the moisture they use. Water lightly only if it gets dry and remove the lid just to allow excess moisture to escape. Open terrariums on the other hand require frequent watering.

General Care: Remove any dead plants and leaves. Prune back excessive growth as needed. When a plant gets too big, pinch it back to encourage bushier growth.

TIP:Adding fertilizer is generally not necessary since plants do not grow rapidly, however, a good potting soil with ample nutrients should be used. Soil can be "refreshed" by scraping off the top layer and adding fresh blanket of soil.

Visit us on Saturday, December 15, at 2:00PM, and let our experts help you create a glass terrarium with mini foliage and accessories. The garden under glass is perfect for your holiday decor or to give as a living gift. Reservations recommended. $50 per person. Price includes instructions and all materials.

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