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Must-Have Mums

We are crazy for mums and this season we've found some of the best mums yet. Try adding bold color with these perennials to your fall containers. We can't keep mum about these!

Roadrunner Bronze
‘Roadrunner Bronze’ is a clump-forming, fall-blooming mum. Boasting a flat decorative form this reddish-yellow with a bit of orange bloom will add fall color from September to the last frost. This is a compact plant that typically grows to 10-14” tall and has dark green leaves.

Ghostbuster Mumbo
This NEW garden mum combo (aka MUMBO) will add a spooktacular surprise to your holiday décor. With a mix of Chelsea yellow, pink, and white mums, Ghostbuster will get all the ghouls and goblins out this fall.

Echo Bronze
A glowing red-orange daisy-like bloom is perfect for autumn. It prefers well drained soil and sun to part shade. Its low maintenance and is a great way to dress up your containers or front entryway. This mum will offer plenty of flower power with blooms appearing in autumn, spring, summer, late summer. With deep green leaves, this mum will grow to up to 24” in height and 36 inches wide.

Pineapple Flamingo
This pink and yellow cushion flower provides beautiful color for the cooler weather seasons. They're just right for popping into a clay pot, lining up in a window box, or placing in the center of a mixed container. This beauty looks great paired with pumpkins.

Pink Frenzy
This mum will explode with vibrant pink color in the fall. With the dense round foliage the blooms will pop against the deep green and look fully engulfed in flowers. This mounded mum continues the bright pinks of summer right into the fall.

Flamingo Cranberry
Magenta-red with a little orange, this fall bloomer boast semi-double blooms. The frilly, pincushion like flowers sit atop lush green foliage. Butterflies love this mum and it is the perfect border or container plant. A decorative flower, this plant will grow to 18- 24 inches tall and 24-30 inches wide. It prefers full sun.

Purple Majesty
Low maintenance, cold tolerant and heat tolerant, what’s not to love? Oh and did we mention it is a gorgeous shade of purple. With a mounded habit, this mum will grow to be 8-14" tall and 10-22" wide. Purple mums will pair well with ornamental peppers or purple fountain grass.

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An Early Autumn Stunner


Mums, or chrysanthemums, are the quintessential fall bloom. These perennials, with their colorful domes of yellow, lavender, burgundy, white and pink are an early fall superstar. With a tight mounded growth habit, mums are stunning in bloom and perfect for mass plantings. They also look great as a stand alone in a container.

One of our favorite varieties this season is Mabel White - with its perfectly rounded shape and countless blooms! With white blooms in early September, this stunner can freshen up summer containers and offer some bloom power that will take you from the dog days of summer well into fall. Great in full sun and partial shade flower beds. We like using in containers, hanging baskets, large pots or urns or even try planting in a bushel basket for a seasonal look. Soil should be moist, but never wet and check daily while the weather is warm. As it starts to cool down in temperature, you will not need to water as often.

We recommend making sure that you buy mums just as they start to break bud. This way you can maximize the bloom time. And, to keep the blooms coming, we recommend regularly pinching back spent blooms.

Difficult to Pronounce... but Easy to Grow


Looking for easy, colorful flowers that come back year after year?! Agastache is a versatile, colorful and pleasantly fragrant perennial that will give you that pop of color you are looking for in late summer through autumn.

Commonly known as either Hummingbird Mint or Anise Hyssop (due to its licorice scent), this tough perennial thrives in dry conditions and requires very little maintenance except for an occasional trim to remove old flower stems and encourage new growth & flowering. The fragrant foliage and flowers attract bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and gardeners alike.

Best of all, Agastache colorful flowers to the garden in late summer and early autumn when many gardens are winding down and color is lacking. Its long-lasting flowers come in shades of pink, apricot, and lavender and are deal for sunny beds & borders, in containers, herb gardens and around pools and patios. The flowers also look fantastic in cut flower arrangements. Agastache prefers full sun and is a must-have perennial for wildlife gardening. Be sure to check out some of these gorgeous new varieties:

Raspberry Summer - raspberry pink, tubular flowers accompanied by bright green, fragrant foliage that blooms late summer into fall. Ideal as a feature in a sunny spot or container.

Blue Boa - beautiful, new perennial variety that offers bright, purple flower spikes that bloom summer through fall. Plant in mass to create a vibrant, long blooming spot in your garden.

Summer Sunset - warm, sunset-orange flowers compliment the deep green foliage. This aromatic hummingbird mint has an upright and compact habit that blooms from June through fall.

Summer Glow - lemon custard flowers seem to glow against the deep green foliage. Drought tolerant this perennial will bloom all summer long.


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