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Accent the Season


Add warmth and fresh fragrance to your holidays with Rosemary cones and topiaries.

Cooks know Rosemary as the perfect flavoring for chicken, turkey, pork, lamb or shellfish. Decorators are familiar with Rosemary as a holiday accent that can be used throughout the home for its pleasing and soothing aroma and style. For entertaining, arrange trees around the buffet, on side servers, or as table centerpieces. In the entry, their fresh, crisp fragrance welcomes guests and beckons them inside. With their festive wraps, these tabletop plants add splashes of color and shimmering accents throughout the holiday season.

To care for Rosemary, the most important requirement during the winter months is sunlight. Place in a bright sunny window, and turn the plant so that it gets sun on both sides. The soil in the pot is needs to be well drained. Water it from the top every other day. Water may remain in the saucer to provide humidity for the plant, but do not the let the water touch the bottom of the plant. Adjust the watering schedule if necessary to be sure the soil never dries out.

Keep your Rosemary from freezing at all times, away from drafts and extreme heat. We recommend fertilizing at a regular two-week interval during the winter months with a water-soluble fertilizer such as McDonald Green Leaf.

Mum's the Word


‘Tis the season for apple picking, hayrides, pumpkin-flavored everything and of course festive fall decorating. Autumn is an especially fun time of year to decorate your home both inside and out and nothing says fall like mums. Garden mums require a minimum amount of care and do well in most conditions. There are literally hundreds of varieties with flower colors that range from white to yellow, pink, purple, bronze, red and all the hues in between. Decorating with mums is easy and they mix beautifully with other fall decor like pumpkins, gourds, squash, grasses and much more.

Here are just few ways you can use them:

  • Plant in the landscape for a pop of fall color.
  • Refresh or replace tired-looking annuals in flower beds.
  • Pair with pumpkins on a foyer table or outdoors on a porch.
  • Mixed in window boxes with small gourds, pumpkins, trailing vines or small ornamental grasses for texture and dimension.
  • Plant-up in a hollowed out pumpkin for an eye-catching centerpiece.
  • Display in earns or large containers on the front porch.
  • Place in hanging baskets on a front or back porch.
  • Cut individual stems and use as cut flowers in large are small vases indoors.
  • Add pumpkins, gourds and leaves around the base of a mum for an instance fall look.
  • Tier in a terracotta birdbath with colorful peppers, pumpkins and ornamental grasses.

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A sweet new selection for fall


Mums, or chrysanthemums, are the quintessential fall bloom. This perennial, with colorful domes of yellow, lavender, burgundy, white and pink are a fall superstar. With a tight mounded growth habit, mums are stunning in bloom and perfect for mass plantings or as a stand alone in a container. Beyond the traditional colors, our new Pineapple Flamingo is great addition to this season's landscape.

This pink and yellow cushion flower provides beautiful color for cooler weather. They're just right for popping into a clay pot, lining up in a window box, or placing in the center of a mixed container. This beauty looks especially great paired with pumpkins.

Check out these mum tips from our plant experts:

  • Make sure to buy mums just as they start to break bud. This way you can maximize the bloom time.
  • Keep the blooms coming by watering and pinching back. Soil should be moist, but never wet. Check daily while weather is warm, every other day when it’s cooler. Pluck off spent blooms to encourage even more buds to open and you’ll have color well through October.


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