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Add Instant Drama


Try using ornamental grasses in containers, and in your landscape to gain a whole new dimension to your outdoor space. Ornamental grasses add an important element to the garden experience that is not readily obtained from many other plants: MOVEMENT. When the wind blows these grasses will shift and dance adding dimension to your garden space. Not only do these grasses provide movement, but they can add contrast to the softness of blooming plants. With structure and form, ornamental grasses are a nice juxtaposition in the garden.

With many different colors, varieties and sizes you can find something to fit your space. Tami Eilers, McDonald Landscape Designer, explains that, “The uses of grasses are limitless. The shorter ornamental grasses can be used to edge beds. Mid-size grasses are added for vertical lines and to blend textures. The taller grasses can be used to provide the structure or backbone for a landscape bed.” Some of my favorite grasses are: black moudrie for winter hardiness, cosmopolitan for variegated contrast, zebra for fun and pink muhly for softness!”

Reasons we love ornamental grass:

  • They require little effort to maintain.
  • They come in many heights, colors & textures.
  • The seed heads & foliage add stunning fall and winter interest.
  • They can be used as thriller plants in containers, and as vertical design elements throughout your landscape.

Our top choices include:

Mexican Feather Grass - Delicate and graceful leaves and airy flower heads sway gently with the slightest breeze. Reseeds to naturalize in meadows or on slopes for erosion control. Combine with Sedums and Asters or tuck into a rock garden.

Miscanthus Adiago - Hundreds of plumes held above the foliage emerge bronzy-pink, fading to white. A dwarf plant with graceful, silvery-green arching foliage becoming a whirl of orange, gold and burgundy in fall. Spectacular in mass or mixed into perennial borders.

Pennisetum Little Bunny - The most dwarf of the fountain grasses with fluffy, buff colored blooms. Terrific contrast used in rock gardens, borders, foundation plantings, or in perennial beds. Foliage turns golden russet in fall. Adds interest and texture to container gardens. Drought tolerant when established. Perennial.

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A Summer Super Star


For a stunning show of color and scent in the summer garden, you can't go wrong with Agastache Bolero. This plant is a vigorous bloomer from mid summer lasting well into fall. We love its this tall shrub-like perennial that really puts on a show with tons of rose-purple flowers that dance in the breeze. Bolero's foliage offers a sweet licorice scent while looking great in a deep bronze color attracting honeybees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. In fact, due to its late summer blooms, migrating hummers will often visit to refuel while on their migratory path. Plant these beauties in full sun and well-drained soil, and they will happily embrace the summer heat and even early frosts. For an added bonus... deer, slugs and other nibblers tend to leave this aromatic foliage alone.

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Local Favorites for the Summer Garden

Step into the dog days of summer with some of our local favorites. We put together a list of items that will show off well into fall and look great doing it. Add some of these to your garden for instant appeal.

Coneflowers are one of the boldest & brightest summer-blooming perennial in Hampton Roads. They're loved not only for their beauty, but for the fact that they are super easy to care for and very drought tolerant. With a daisy like flower, these stars of the garden will show blooms when everything else is starting to fade. Available in purple to red to vibrant pink. starting at $9.99

Hens and Chicks are a group of succulents that include a variety of low-growing plants that are unique in appearance and hardiness. They do best in well-drained, rocky soil. Although they do best in sun, they’ll grow in light shade. starting at $7.99

Perennial Hibiscus, or Rose of Sharon produce large dinner-size plate blooms during the hottest part of the summer. This deciduous shrub returns each year and can grow anywhere from 2 to 8 feet. Available in a variety of colors including white, burgundy and pink, you'll love this summertime favorite!. starting at $14.99

Daylilies this perennial flowers for one day and is replaced by another bloom the following day. Available in tons of varieties, shapes and colors this plant requires little care and will thrive in drought conditions. starting at $9.99

Ferns pack a punch with their graceful ornamental fronds. Choose from annual and perennial varieties. Perennial ferns make a great choice for shady gardens and come in varying shades of greens. Don't forget annual ferns such as Rita's Gold and Macho varieties that work great in containers on summer patios and porches. starting at $6.99

New Guinea Impatiens are blooming annuals that are easy to grow producing large flowers in bold summer colors. These plants originating from New Guinea require good, well-drained soil, adequate moisture, and afternoon shade. starting at $6.99


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