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Keep Things Blooming


It can be tough to find a plant that blooms during the fall months, but camellias can fill the gap. Fall-blooming camellias bring a splash of color to the autumn landscape when you need it most. These flowering shrubs not only offer beautiful blooms but feature glossy, evergreen leaves that bring a welcome touch of color to your garden.

One of our favorite camellias for fall is Autumn Rocket. This heavy bloomer features semi-double, white blooms with just a hint of pink at the edges. It has an upright growth habit making it ideal for screening and hedging. We also love these in containers to add vertical interest. Try pairing them with pansies for an easy cool weather container. Give camellias the conditions they need, and they’ll reward you! This hardy camellia prefers full sun to shade and a spring fertilization to keep it looking healthy. Prune it back in the spring to ensure dense leaves and numerous flowers. So, if your looking to keep things blooming this autumn... consider Autumn Rocket.

A Summertime Favorite


Hydrangeas are the perfect hues of summer. Cool and refreshing like the water, these shade loving bloomers will give you repeat flowers all summer long. These two traditional reblooming Hydrangeas perform well in Hampton Roads.

Endless Summer Original. It's a mop-head variety with the unique ability to bloom consistently on both old and new wood. The result is a plant that provides beautiful flowers all summer long. The flowers grow up to 8" in diameter, with PINK blooms in alkaline soils or BLUE blooms in acidic soil. The green foliage is a beautiful contrast to the lacy bloom. And, who doesn’t want an Endless Summer?

Nantucket Blue. A repeat blooming selection with dense leathery green foliage. This shrub will produce an abundance of summertime flower clusters that last until frost. Sweeten the soil with lime to turn the blooms pink, acidify the soil and it should intensify the blue color. This fast growing shrub will get to be 4 to 6 feet, so be sure to give it plenty of room. Blooms on both old and new wood.

How-to Plant:

  1. Dig a hole one and a half times wider than the plant's container.
  2. Place plant in the hole, keeping the top of the root ball at ground level; and back fill the hole with dirt.
  3. Water thoroughly and then mulch around the base to conserve moisture and reduce weeds.
  4. Remember, new plantings require more frequent watering than established plants especially during the summer.

How-to Prune:

  1. We suggest pruning these hydrangeas in the fall once it they have finished blooming.
  2. In this fall pruning, cut the canes back about half way. This encourages stronger, thicker plants.
  3. After winter, trim back the dead canes to the ground.
  4. As the blooms begin to wilt, be sure to dead head the old blooms off of the plant to encourage reblooming.

Learn more on turning your Hydrangea blooms pink. >>

A Sweet Summer Treat

ALTHEA... the NEW Smoothie Collection

There’s nothing better than a summertime smoothie and our NEW collection of Smoothie Altheas is no exception! These shrubs feature double-bloom, ice cream colored flowers all season long. Althea, also known as Rose of Sharon, is highly adaptable and easy to grow. We suggest growing these plants in full sun to part shade. As an upright shrub, they will grow to be a height of 8 feet and width of 4 feet and boast large, double blooms giving you a super summer show! They are perfect for hedges, beds, borders and mass plantings. As a heat-lover, this shrub is a treat for Hampton Roads gardeners who crave plants that can stand up to summer's heat.

Try one of these new smoothies in your garden:

Raspberry Smoothie - features double, fuchsia-raspberry blooms
Blueberry Smoothie - features double, bluish-purple blooms
Strawberry Smoothie - features double, light pink flowers


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