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How to Build a Scarecrow

Building scarecrows is an over 20-year tradition here at McDonald Garden Center. Every year at our Make A Scarecrow event, we partner with The King’s Daughters, the founding organization of Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters (CHKD), to raise money for the hospital as well as have a great time getting ready for fall.

Staff Fall Favorites of 2021

Michele + Fall Combo Pots & Kevin + Carving Pumpkins Looking for that perfect fall pairing? Our dream team married couple, Michele and Kevin, have got you covered with their fall favorites. 

Fall in Love with your Local Garden Center

Fall Veggie Gardening Last but not least, fall veggie gardening is one of the best gardening highlights of the fall season. The time to start planning for your fall veggie garden is now! Choose your plants based on the space you have and feel free to come ask our team on how to plant for your fall garden. Some of our most common cole crops are as follows: