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6 Holiday Must-Haves

Our holiday experts have put together a list of the top 6 things you need this holiday season that you can only get at McDonald Garden Center.

  1. McDonald Line of Local Foods
  2. McDonald Garden Center is excited to announce their new line of jams, jellies, preserves, fruit butters and hot sauces. Crafted locally from Virginia grown produce these products offer the utmost quality at an affordable price. The products are produced using the finest ingredients with methods established in the 1920’s. When you taste these jams and jellies you will experience vintage flavors in every bite. Taste the home-grown local goodness.

  3. Heirloom Ornaments
  4. What all the locals are talking about! Discover our exclusive collection of two-sided, glass ornaments intricately hand-painted celebrating Hampton Roads. These keepsakes will be the highlight of any tree and are available for a limited time. This year's new collection includes: the 757 Collection of Cities, Life on the Beach, Virginia Beach Boardwalk, and Rockfishing in the Chesapeake Bay.

  5. Fresh Local Greens
  6. Bring fresh and fragrant live greens and plants to any room this holiday season. Fresh greens can offer a nod to traditional decorating or create a contemporary flair to your holiday embellishments.Seasonal greenery provides a backdrop for holiday decorations and can be embellished as little or as much as you like. Living greenery can add festive cheer to virtually every space inside the house and out. Place greenery on walls, tables, mantels, the hearth, on the floor, and on chandeliers. Heap them in vases, garland your doorways, banisters, mirrors, or even place in a pretty mug on the kitchen counter. Decorate outdoors with fresh greenery on shutters, gates, on and over doorways, columns, mailboxes and light posts. There are plenty of ways to use fresh greenery for the holidays.

  7. Twig Lights and Branches
  8. Add a little ambiance during the holidays with these nature inspired LED twig lights. Ideal for lining walkways or placed in outdoor planters or beds, these accent lights can also be used inside or on a covered porch. Available in an assortment of styles including natural birch, crystal ice and pinecones and branches.

  9. Holiday Living Arrangements
  10. From traditional poinsettias to unexpected Hellebores to even holiday terrariums, we’ve got an array of holiday plants perfect for decorating & gifting.

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A Holiday Fave


Introduced in the United States by our first ambassador to Mexico, Joel Poinsett, the poinsettia has become the traditional holiday houseplant. Available in reds, pinks, golds, whites and even variegated - there is one for every taste. We even love them painted and glittered! When purchasing your poinsettia, look for a plant with dark green, healthy foliage, strong stems and bright colored bracts. Yep, we said "bracts" - bracts are the showy, colored parts of the poinsettia that most people think of as the flowers - but in fact they are really a modified leaf. Place your poinsettia in a well-lit location, but out of direct sunlight and drafts. Water often enough to keep the soil evenly moist, but not too soggy. Enyoy poinsettias for 8 to 10 weeks, after all, the holidays just wouldn't be the same without these festive plants!

McDonald Tip: It is possible to grow your poinsettia for another year. When the bracts begin to fade, cut the plant back 5 to 8 inches above the soil. Place it in a cool, medium light location and allow the soil to dry well between waterings. In late April or early May, repot and place it outdoors in a shady location. Fertilize once a month. In order to initiate flowering and color development of the bracts, poinsettias need long night periods. Beginning October 1st, and continuing for six weeks, place the plant in a dark closet or an unused room each evening from 5-7pm. After six weeks, place the poinsettia in bright, indirect light and water thoroughly when the soil is dry to the touch. The plant should soon flower and develop color in its bracts.

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Your local light source


Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without lights. Lights can magically transform your home into a winter wonderland on both the inside and out! And remember, Christmas lights aren’t just for the tree any more... everything looks better with lights! The McDonald Christmas Shoppe has a huge selection of lights to fit any taste. With lights in all shapes, sizes, patterns and colors you can get everything you need to illuminate the holidays indoors and out. The Griswolds would even be envious of your festive display.

Why LED lights?

  • Long lasting and virtually maintenance free
  • Energy efficient, using only 10% of the electricity required to power traditional incandescent lights
  • Cooler to the touch, making them the safest option
  • More vibrant colors
  • No filaments to burn out
  • Molded construction, which helps prevent moisture from seeping in and causing corrosion
  • Fully rectified (meaning they produce a steady flow of light without the flickering that is often common on inferior LED light sets) Rectified sets also produce more shine and a truer color.

A lighting design that features LED lights that are dropped on to a very thin wire, making the wire virtually undetectable.

  • Battery operated (18, 24 and 36in sets) makes these lights versatile in a myriad of applications where electricity and ugly extension cords won’t work, such as wreaths, mantles, tablescapes and garland.
  • 96 LED Light AC Adapter is the new light for decorating Christmas trees. Available with 2 function controller for the ultimate light display. Available in warm white, multi, and candy cane.
  • Invisilite Beaded Garland is battery operated with 36 lights per strand. It offers three functions with a timer. Ideal for dressing up tablescapes or adding a little extra to your holiday greenery for banisters, mantles or wreaths. Available in warm white, blue red, gold and green.

Incandescent Style LED Lights
Looks like a traditional incandescent bulb it’s even made of glass but as an LED light set. Available in warm white, blue and multi these can be used indoor or out.

5MM/Wide Angle LED Lights
A 50 light plug in set available in warm white, cool white, warm white twinkle, red ,blue, green, multi, candy cane, and Caribbean. Can be used indoors and outdoors.

LED Meteor Shower Lights
This new technology creates magical light displays the will move and dance in a variety of patterns. Available in three colors (warm white, cool white and blue) and in three lengths (1.5ftw/48 lights, 3ftw/96lights and 4ftw/128 lights) these light sets will create maximum impact outdoors.

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