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Jolly Up Your Holidays


Ribbons are perfect for holiday decorating. They’re cheerful, inexpensive, versatile and readily available. Our design team loves to use ribbon in expected and unexpected places. Here’s their top three ways to use it for holiday decorating.

Garland. Trees look great with ribbon as the garland. There are a number of ways to drape the ribbon for a dramatic filler on the tree. You can loosely wrap the ribbon around the tree or you can loosely drape it down the tree for a vertical effect. Our designers love draping the ribbon in a non-symmetrical or formal way.

Tree Topper. The topper is like the cherry on top of the sundae. The eyes will naturally move towards to the top of the tree to checkout the topper. Tree toppers can be traditional bows or you can use ribbon, picks and other unique objects to draw attention to your tree. Create a whimsical holiday feeling by topping the Christmas tree with red and green. By adding shapes and sizes and glitter and glitz you can dazzle your tree with a twist on the traditional. Go natural and modern with a burlap ribbon and instantly achieve that fresh from the woods feeling. The silver and champagne colors will make it a bit fancier and tie into most color schemes.

Presents. Using ribbon and simple Kraft paper makes an attractive yet sturdy wrapping. The natural color is a perfect backdrop to any ribbon or bow. You can use ribbon tied in a simple show string bow or show off your bow tying skills with something fancy and loopy. Ribbon is the perfect element to tie together your gift. Gift wrapping is fun and festive and gives presents their own unique personality and can bring together your holiday décor.

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Faux Tree 101


Beautiful trees start with a great shape. Our design experts have put together these easy steps to help make your tree sparkle and shine this season! Before you get started, select a location for the tree near a power source and find an additional 5amp-3 prong extension cord.

  1. Remove the tree from the box, using caution so as not to cut the wiring when removing straps from the box.

    The majority of trees have three parts:
    • Bottom section ~ the largest branches and widest portion of the tree
    • Middle section
    • Top section

  2. Place the tree stand in the selected location and screw bolts into the stand, do not tighten at this time.

    Place bottom section of tree into stand; make sure the pole goes all the way to the bottom; tighten bolts once tree is secure and level. Allow the branches to fall and connect the lighting inside the bottom part of the tree.

  3. Shape bottom row of branches-starting with foliage nearest the pole and work your way out to the tips of the branch. Create an alternating V shape with shaping the foliage (see picture below). Once a row is complete move up to the next and shape in the same manner until the bottom section is complete.
  4. Insert the middle section of the tree, connect the lighting and shape in the same manner as you did the bottom section. At this point, it is a good idea to step away from the tree and view your progress, making adjustments as you see fit.

    The top section of the tree should be shaped before placing it on the tree, with foliage shaped upwards.

    TIP: You may want to wear gloves while shaping to avoid scratches.

Things to look for when purchasing a permanent tree:

  • Hinged Construction
  • Natural Looking Foliage
  • Number of lights and tips on the tree ~ the more tips the more realistic
  • Wiring of lights ~ is it visible?
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Time your blooms just right


Christmas is coming! In fact, the big day is just 6 weeks away. Add a natural element to your holiday décor with Amaryllis. Now is the time to get Amaryllis bulbs planted so they are they are perfectly bloomed for Christmas. Available in assorted colors and sizes, this big bloom will spread big Christmas cheer.

Amaryllis bulbs typically take 6 weeks to bloom so you'll want to get them planted now. Forcing the bloom is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose a shallow container, small glass vase, bowl or bulb vase. For Amaryllis, you want a container that does not have a hole in it and will hold water.
  2. Fill the container three-quarters full of gravel or polished stones. Small to medium sized gravel or stone works best. You can even use glass or marbles. If using a bulb vase, you can opt to leave it empty but it can become top heavy.
  3. Place the bulbs on the gravel or other filler.
  4. Fill your container with water just to the bottom of the bulb. Do not submerge the bulb totally in water.
  5. Place in a well-lit room and keep the water level just below the bulbs.
  6. As the leaves appear and the bloom stalks emerge they may become heavy or fall over. Try tying the stalks together or staking them for added support.

Time your blooms just right with our AMARYLLIS BULB PLANTING CALENDAR >>

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