Top 5 Birding Essentials

We know you love your feathered friends. Here are some basic tips on birding, along with what types of products we recommend for success.

1. Feed the birds

It’s important to feed birds all year, not just seasonally. McDonald Garden Center offers a wide selection of birdseed to attract a variety of birds into your yard. Some types of birdseed, like Black Oil Seed mix from Wild Delight, appeal to birds that like to actually pick through the seed and open the shell.

2. Provide a home/shelter

Providing safe and properly placed birdhouses will keep the birds in your yard longer. There are different birdhouses for different sized birds and bird types. For instance, the small birdhouses at McDonald Garden Center appeal to the tiny birds like the titmouse, finch, chickadees, and sparrows.

3. Provide water

Birdbaths great for allowing birds to drink and bath in a safe place. We have a wide variety of birdbaths from the ornate to the simplistic.

4. Know your Birds 

Know the species and types of birds you want so you can buy your seed and houses accordingly. Tube feeders are a great way to isolate the type of bird you want and MGC offers cardinal feeders, woodpecker feeders, finch feeders, and more.

5. Stop the Squirrels

Squirrels are one of the most popular reasons people stop birding. Get squirrel proof feeders and buy seed they may not like as much. We carry new varieties of birdseed like Sizzle N’ Heat from Wild Delight. This type of seed has hot pepper in it, which deters the squirrels but the birds still enjoy.

Check out our Garden Guru, Mike Westphal, for additional tips on Birding