Tools of the Trade


Now is the perfect time to stock up on fall tools like rakes and pruners. The right tools make creating and maintaining your yard easier and faster and you really only need a handful of tools to handle the most common lawn and garden maintenance. Be sure to check out our complete line of economical Terra VerdeTools in stores now. Here are a few must-have garden tools to help you be successful and efficient in maintaining your garden:

Felco Pruners - You can't go wrong with these top-of-the-line pruners that provide awesome cutting power and precision -- making gardening chores a whole lot easier. Pruners are ideal for removing small dead and unwanted branches from trees and shrubs. All Felco pruners have two blades: one very sharp and is known as the cutting blade. The other is not sharp and is called the anvil blade or hook. These pruners will last a life time and feature a lifetime warranty.

Bypass Loppers - a must-have for anyone with a landscape full of trees and shrubs. The long handle give you an extended reach to prune higher branches and provides you leverage, so you can prune branches up to 2' in diameter, depending on the lopper. The long blades make it easier to do those larger cuts and are perfect for cutting branches, vines and for pruning and shaping.

Hand Trowel - one of the most important tools in the gardener shed whether you’re digging up weeds or planting new plants. Ideal for planting small plants like herbs and vegetables, making container gardens and digging out weeds. Also good for mixing soil with compost, fertilizer and other additives.

Spring Back Rake - features a long handle with a flexible metal rake head. The rake head is made of flexible metal tines arranged into a fan shape. Tine ends angle slight downward to grab leaves easily. Great for cleaning up leaves, small branches, lawn clippings, spreading mulch.