A Thrifty Perennial


Although this tough evergreen perennial may not sea-worthy, it certainly is one garden-worthy plant! Sea Thrift, also known Ameria, can be found in the wild along beaches and in salt marsh areas... and of course at McDonald Garden Center's year-round locations.This low growing perennial boasts pink to reddish purple globed-shaped clusters on wiry stems a-top tufts of dark green grass-like evergreen foliage. Thrift is very easy to care for and blooms spring to early summer. Be sure to deadhead spent flowers in order to prolong flowering. We also recommend dividing your plant in early spring to rejuvenate. Like most perennials, Sea Thrift is quite versatile and is ideal in rock gardens, cottage gardens, as an edging, in containers and as a cut flower. Prefers full sun to semi-shade and well drained soil. Is both drought tolerant and deer resistant.

Sea Thrift Armada Rose, from $7.99.

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