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A sweet new selection for fall


Mums, or chrysanthemums, are the quintessential fall bloom. This perennial, with colorful domes of yellow, lavender, burgundy, white and pink are a fall superstar. With a tight mounded growth habit, mums are stunning in bloom and perfect for mass plantings or as a stand alone in a container. Beyond the traditional colors, our new Pineapple Flamingo is great addition to this season's landscape.

This pink and yellow cushion flower provides beautiful color for cooler weather. They're just right for popping into a clay pot, lining up in a window box, or placing in the center of a mixed container. This beauty looks especially great paired with pumpkins.

Check out these mum tips from our plant experts:

  • Make sure to buy mums just as they start to break bud. This way you can maximize the bloom time.
  • Keep the blooms coming by watering and pinching back. Soil should be moist, but never wet. Check daily while weather is warm, every other day when it’s cooler. Pluck off spent blooms to encourage even more buds to open and you’ll have color well through October.