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Lobularia, Frosty Knight®
Lobularia, Frosty Knight® in the Landscape
Lobularia, Frosty Knight® in Containers
Lobularia, Frosty Knight® in Hanging Baskets

Sweet Alysum, The Go-To Plant for Every Garden

An old-time favorite, sweet alyssum (also known as lobularia, pronounced lob-u-larry-uh), features an incredibly long blooming season from late spring to frost. This fabulous little plant is low maintenance, drought tolerant and produces a profusion of wonderfully scented flowers that will quickly cover beds and borders with a blanket of flowers that mix easily with other annuals and perennials. White is the most planted color, but it is available in pink, purple and apricot. The bright white pairs well with lots of other springtime favorites like bush daisy, candytuft and petunias and is gorgeous spilling out of window boxes, hanging baskets, or combination plantings. This annual grows best in full sun and cooler weather, however, it will tolerate partial shade and can survive light frosts.

Be sure to check out Lobularia, Frosty Knight®, from Proven Winners, a new hybrid that is much improved over the old seed varieties. Frosty Knight® features white flowers with variegated green and yellow foliage that provides color interest even when the flowers are not in bloom. Fragrant, just like the traditional alyssum, this one tolerates a wider range of temperatures - taking the heat and holding up much better in summer unlike traditional lobularia that just like it cool. It’s a good-sized, vigorous grower - getting up to 24-36" wide, making it a great filler in hanging baskets and patio pots. And, it does not require dead heading! Prefers full sun to partial shade.