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Summer's Must-Have


Gomphrena is beautiful and long lasting either fresh or dried... and best of all, this annual thrives in heat and any soil conditions. What could be better than that? We think nothing!

This warm season beauty offers vibrant color, structure and height. Gomphrenia loves full sun and will survive drought. Use this easy-to-grow plant in borders, annual beds or even in containers. A showstopper in the garden, this interesting globe shaped bloom is a real conversation piece when cut for a mixed bouquet. Cut some of the blooms to use indoors, either dried or fresh. These flowers will keep their color and their shape and add an interesting element to your home d├ęcor. Dried, these flowers will last a very long time in a vase. We absolutely LOVE using them for a pop of color in the house long after their outdoor blooming season is over.

Try our favorite varieties in your garden:

This unique plant is a showstopper and grows to form a full, dense, landscape specimen ~ eventually reaching up to 3-4 feet tall and 1-2 feet wide. Tons of strong, tall stems are topped with exploding bursts of full blooms in hot pink tipped with bright yellow.

Available in either vibrant purple or white, this shorter variety displays the same vigorous growing habit and adaptability as the pink Fireworks variety. Perfect in combinations or planted in the landscape, you will not be disappointed.