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Daphne Green
Daphne Variegated

Stop and Smell the Daphne

Whoever coined the phrase, “Stop and smell the roses,” clearly has never stopped to smell the daphne. Revered for the angelically intoxicating fragrance of a citrusy-honeyed, almost baby powderesque perfume, daphne is usually the first thing that comes to mind when our customers visit our stores and ask, “There was this plant I remember from my youth that had the most amazing smell!”

In fact, we tie so many of our memories to smell (some even say it’s our strongest sensory trigger) that it makes sense so many of us are yearning for that sweet aroma in the serene space we’ve created in our gardens.

But though winter daphne is renowned for the fragrance, the foliage is equally as lovely. From delicate rosy-pink blooms and yellow-margined foliage in the variegated varieties to the lush green leaves and vibrant blooms of the Japanese Zuiko Nishiki, this evergreen holds her own in a refined landscape.

Partial shade or sun and regular watering requirements encourage the daphne to be situated in a trafficked shade garden or near a patio or deck. The key to this plants’ prowess is excellent drainage- enough so that the water doesn’t stand and the roots get waterlogged, but not so arid that it’s constantly dry.

Wherever you frequent most is where you’re going to want this beautiful addition. It get’s an A+ for winter hardiness. With all the snow we’ve been having and may have in the future, this may be the cornerstone of this season’s planting plan. And when early spring comes, you’ll be sure to enjoy the sweet smell of success.