Spread the Color!


Crossandra, sometimes called Firecracker Flower, has vibrant orange flowers that grow in clusters. The glossy, green foliage makes this attractive houseplant a great addition to your windowsill. During the hot days of summer, this tropical flower is easy to grow outdoors. Be sure to bring it in for a touch of indoor color during fall and winter.

Crossandra is native to India and Sri Lanka, where its blossoms are traditionally combined with jasmine to adorn women's hair. This beautiful plant is related to the Mexican petunia and the yellow shrimp plant. It prefers light to moderate water and requires a good amount of sun in order to bloom at its best. Crossandra plants are slow growing, but make wonderful flowering houseplants, where it will flower on and off all year long if it gets enough light. Snip off the faded flower clusters to promote rebloom. A balanced fertilizer should be applied every month during the spring and summer, and then every eight weeks in the fall and winter. Crossandra loves humidity so mist its leaves regularly... and enjoy!

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