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Solutions for Moles & Voles

Moles can be frustrating, especially when you go to mow your lawn for the first time this spring and realize they have taken hold over the winter months. Voles eat the roots of your plants and nothing is more disheartening then realizing a mole has taken out your plants in the early part of spring. Take action now to get rid of the frustration and enjoy spring without them. We have solved the mystery of how to get rid of them and the best thing is it is all organic. Moles have become a major nuisance in this area and can cause damage as well as frustration to any gardener. Here’s some helpful information to help you rid your yard of these pests with organic solutions that are safe for you and the environment.

MOLES: (M for meat eaters that feed on grubs & insects)
The best way to rid your lawn of moles is to control the insects in the soil that they feed on. Their main diet consists of grubs. Your lawn can be treated in several ways to remove the moles’ food source. Less food, less moles!

The best long-term control is Milky Spore. Safe for the environment, this natural spore is harmless to fish, birds, bees, animals, plants and people. It kills grubs in the soil and remains active in the soil for up to 15 years. This is a great long-term solution for moles. We sell the concentrated formula that is a one time application with max benefits, other products and formulation might require 4-5 applications a year.

Once you eliminate their food source, the moles may stay. They are stubborn and like your yard for reasons beyond food. Lush lawns, mulched beds, and good soil makes for easy digging and more insects and earthworms that they also feed on. (Moles are stubborn, so they may stick around after you get rid of their food source. ) So, the next step is to repell them. We recommend using . The main ingredient is castor oil, which burns their face as they dig, therefore forcing them out of your yard. Repellex uses a recycled newspaper granule, which allows the castor oil to slowly release into the soil as it biodegrades. This allows the castor oil to stay in the soil for up to 6 months - twice as long as any other product. It also has double the amount of castor oil than any other product. You’ll need 1lb. per 1000 sq. ft., so it goes a long way.

VOLES: (V for vegetarians that feed on plant material)
Voles do not like to dig as much as moles, so they follow the mole tunnels into your yard. Rarely do you see voles and no moles. Voles tend to cause the most expensive and major damage, as they eat almost all plant roots, as well as most bulbs -- though they don’t eat daffodils or fritillaria. They also will nibble away at trees and shrubs.

Repellants work very well for getting rid of voles. All repellants are organic and safe to use around plants. As with moles, REPELLEX MOLE & VOLE REPELLANT is the best for its longevity. It also contains cinnamon, garlic and white pepper, which voles particularly dislike. Also, the castor oil burns their face just like the moles making them leave the area.

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