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Brilliant Autumn Fern
NEW Shade-Loving Perennials for the Garden
Heuchera Forever Red
Heuchera Forever Red
Heuchera Carmel
Heuchera Carmel

Shade-Proof Perennials

Contrary to what most people think, gardening in the shade isn’t any harder than gardening in sunny areas of the landscape. Just like planting in sunny conditions, planting in shade requires a little for thought and planning in choosing and placing plants. Many full and partial-shade plants are really pretty, so you don’t have to sacrifice beauty in order to garden in the shade! Some shade-loving plants offer colorful or variegated foliage to brighten up those dark areas. Here are a few shade-loving plants that we think you’ll love, too.

Brilliance Autumn Fern
This handsome coppery red selection is brighter red and significantly more dramatic than others in the species. A bold and beautiful choice for dappled sunlight to deeply shaded areas. Leaves mature to deeply cut, dark green. Easy to grow and adaptable.

Heuchera FOREVER® Red
This lovely, fast growing Heuchera has the reddest leaves ever, a great crown, and it is a vigorous grower. The leaves are cut and somewhat ruffled and reddest in the spring and fall when the temperatures are cooler. The 14″ spikes with white flowers in mid-summer complement and contrast with the foliage. Exposure: Part shade, full sun, full shade. Bloom Time(s): August & September

Caramel Coral Bell
New leaves emerge bright gold and mature to a peachy orange. The soft but showy color adds warmth and contrast to mixed containers and woodland borders. Thrives in the high heat and humidity of the South. Sun tolerant in cool northern gardens. Evergreen in mild winter areas; an herbaceous perennial in colder regions. Plant in partical to full sun. Water regularly - weekly, or more often in extreme heat or containers.

Plant information and photos provided by Monrovia and Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc.