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Say Goodbye to Brown Patch

It’s hot and humid and with that comes the threat of Brown Patch in many local lawns. Brown Patch presents itself in a circular pattern appearing brown, yellow or tan anywhere from 6 inches to several feet in diameter and spreads rapidly. This fungus is more prominent in fescue grasses and is common when there are moist conditions and night temperatures are above 60 degrees. It is most severe when low and high temperatures are above 70 degrees and 90 degrees. When turf grass is wet for 10 or more hours, the fungus will infect grass quickly. Applying a nitrogen product this time of the year may also contribute to brown patch. Improper irrigation methods add to the growth to this fungus as well. We suggest all watering be completed before 10:00am. Once Brown Patch is detected, a fungicide should be applied to your lawn to prevent further spreading of the fungus. We recommend treating your lawn with F-Stop by Fertilome - a granular systemic lasting up to 4 weeks; or try Liquid Systemic Fungicide II by Fertilome. Visit your local McDonald Garden Center for information on treatment of brown patch and other grasses that may be more tolerant to Brown Patch in your area.

F Stop by Fertilome is $22.99 and covers 200 square feet
Liquid Systemic Fungicide II by Fertilome is $24.99 and covers approximately1500 square feet

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