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Chinsoy Azalea
Chinsoy Azalea

Satsuki Azalea, Chinsoy

Satsuki azaleas (pronounced sat’ski) have been bred and selected for over 300 years in Japan and are prized for their prolific and diverse flower colors. With their shiny, green leaves, quick growth habit and the ability to withstand pruning and shaping, these plants are perfect for bonsai styling. Satsuki azaleas break all the rules of traditional spring-blooming azaleas and flower in late May and June while other azaleas flower in March or early May. But the reason you’ll really love satsuki azaleas is that no matter how captivated you are with the beauty, color and richness of the bloom you see today, there will be another completely different bloom produced tomorrow that is even better than the last.

Satsuki azalea Chinsoy (aka Chinana) begins blooming in May and produces two-inch, hot-pink flowers complimented by glossy, dark green foliage. It has a compact, mounding habit and reaches 1.5 to 2 feet tall and 2 to 3 feet wide. Chinsoy prefers full-sun in the morning and afternoon shade. Prune after blooming to shape but not during winter as next year's flowers will be removed. Late spring blooms attract both butterflies and hummingbirds.

NOTE: The name satsuki means fifth moon. It refers to the flowering period of these azaleas, which is in the fifth month of the oriental lunar calendar, which correlates to May and June in the U.S.