The Real Dill""


Fresh herbs are easy to grow and can make all the difference between a good dish and an extraordinary dish! Once you begin to use fresh herbs in your favorite recipes, you'll never want go back to using just dried herbs again. Chefs know that fresh food is always best and fresh herbs are no exception.

Dill is a very tall, hardy herb that will grow as an annual here in Hampton Roads. Grow this herb in your garden for the leaves and seeds. Dill thrives in a sunny spot and prefers well-drained soil. This fine-leafed plant is delicate, so we recommend not planting it where it may be subject to high winds. It does have very long roots, so once it’s established; you won’t need to worry about regular watering chores.

This maintenance-free herb is a member of the parsley family. We suggest cutting often to keep it producing. Dill has a zesty flavor that’s a popular addition to fish, salads and soups. It is also commonly used for pickling – dill pickles are a summertime favorite!