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Rain: It's What your Houseplants Want

Did you know that you should use rainwater to water your houseplants? Why you ask?

Our expert growers feel that rainwater is best due to the low pH in rainwater. The low pH makes it easily absorbed by a plant’s root system. Rainwater can also leach away excess salts and minerals that have built up in the potting soil.

Unlike tap water, rainwater is naturally soft and void of the chemicals typically added to municipal water. And, since most houseplants evolve in tropical or rain forest areas, they will respond well to rainwater as opposed to city tap water that contains minerals and other additives. Well water is also good for plants – provided it has not been softened because softened water contains too much sodium.

Simply collect natural rainwater for houseplants in a rain barrel or any container, like a bowl or bucket. Collected water is not only healthy but it is also free. You already know how fast grass and outdoor plants grow with abundant rain, and houseplants are no exception. Use collected rainwater to water your plants according to their specific needs, and you'll be amazed by how fast they grow and how green and lush they become!

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