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Queen of the Vines


Bring royalty to your garden with the beloved flowering vine, Clematis. This deciduous plant is without a doubt the most versatile vine you can grow. Few other perennial vines offer such a wide range of bloom colors, shapes, and bloom seasons. This easy-to-grow, climbing vine is cherished for its incredible flowers and is a perfect choice for both the seasoned or beginner gardener. Clematis comes in an array of colors including white, pink, purple, red, blue, yellow and bi-color. Bloom periods range from spring, summer, with some varieties flowering summer through fall. It's well suited to all types and sizes of gardens, from large or small, and formal or casual. Depending on the variety, vines can grow to heights anywhere from 1-25 feet; however, clematis may be pruned to keep a desired shape or form. Often you will see these beauties cascading over walls and fences or meandering up trellises, pillars, mailboxes, lampposts, or even arching elegantly over doorways. Some varieties even make a dazzling ground cover. Clematis is stunning when used alone or when several different colored varieties are mixed together. Most varieties grow best in full sun and moist, well-drained soil. So let clematis, queen of the vines, reign supreme this spring and summer in your sunny garden!

One of our favorites this season is the new Sapphire Indigoâ„¢ Clematis. With a nearly continuous blooming habit, this compact vine will provide stunning masses of large sapphire blue flowers over a long season. It can be trained as a climber or grown as a showy, shrubby groundcover with no support. This outstanding new selection is perfect in containers and stunning when featured in a hanging basket.

photo courtesy of Monrovia