Pruning a Crepe Myrtle

It's July and you know what that means... Crepe Myrtles! Now is the time of year that we get to sit back and enjoy their 100 days of summer blooms. With these local beauties in full bloom, we get lots of questions... especially on when and how to prune them. We recommend waiting until February or while they are dormant. Though pruning a crepe myrtle tree isn't necessary to the health of the plant, many people do like to prune them in order to neaten the look of the tree or to encourage new growth. Through proper pruning, you can help the development and enhance the beauty of your crepe myrtle.

Follow these tips for successful pruning:

  • Remove all dead or dying branches.
  • Remove any sucker growth around the base of the tree before pruning.
  • Remove all weak and dead branches.
  • Identify the main branches of the tree and prune interfering limbs so that main branches will show through.

Proper pruning your crepe myrtle will ensure that the tree stays healthy and beautiful for many years to come. Visit us at any McDonald Garden Center and speak with a trees and shrubs specialist for expert advice.