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The Ponytail Palm

It isn’t hard to see how the Ponytail Palm gets its name. Stunning fountain like leaves appear to burst out of it's bulb like base. This easy to grow plant is native to the desert of Mexico and is a somewhat curious plant. Since it thrives in dry climates, it's the perfect houseplant to survive winter indoors when your house is very dry. The Ponytail Palm doesn’t need a lot of water either, just mist when the top inch or so of the potting mix is dry. It does love bright light to full sun, however it will tolerate less light. Since this slow growing plant requires very little water and attention, we love using this plant to create a hanging string garden. By wrapping its roots with moss, this plant can be hung vertically indoors... making quite the conversation piece!

Tip: If the leaf tips turn brown, simply clip off the brown piece from the leaf.

Join us this Saturday, January 25 at 2pm and create your own hanging string garden using a ponytail palm! STRING GARDEN WORKSHOP >>