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Plants of the Week:

CYCLAMEN - Long Lasting Winter Color

Looking to add some vibrant color indoors this winter? We have just the plant for you - cyclamen. This cheery plant is easy to care for and provides color to any indoor space during the long, cold days of winter. A cool weather bloomer, cyclamen features unusually shaped, colorful blossoms and variegated gray-green elliptical leaves. Its long lasting blooms come in bold shades of pink, red, purple and white. Cyclamen needs cool temperatures to continue blooming, so be sure to keep these plants away from heat sources and, if possible, in a cool part of the house.

Cyclamen can also be enjoyed outdoors any time the temperature is above freezing (on frosty nights, remember to bring them inside). Plant them in containers with pansies and other garden plants for a bright spot of color on a winter patio or front doorstep. Cyclamen prefer bright light, but avoid full sun during the winter growing season. Keep the soil continuously moist during the winter months. Never water from overhead, being careful to wet only the soil and not the plant or tuber at the center of the plant. So this winter, make your space as cheerful as possible with the bold colors of cyclamen!

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