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Plant of the Week: We're Crazy for Crotons

One of the boldest indoor and outdoor plants around, you just can't miss crotons because of their ever-changing show of vibrant autumn foliage. Their thick, glossy foliage is brightly colored in combinations and shades of red, yellow, pink, orange, burgundy, bronze or green. The leaves may be wide and smooth, long and narrow or very irregularly shaped. Crotons are sure to draw attention with their stunning color and make a bold statement both inside and out.

Crotons serve double duty as they can be grown outdoors during the warmer months and indoors as a house plant the remainder of the year. Outside, this tropical foliage looks great when planted in the landscape or grown in pots and grouped together with other plants. Or, mix in containers with ornamental grasses, mums, marigolds and pansies. As a houseplant, crotons add texture and color to dull interiors. Place on a side table or use as a centerpiece on a dining room table. The beautiful leaves can also be used to enhance floral arrangements.

Crotons are relatively easy to care for. When outdoors, they do best in a location where the plant receives at least four to six hours of sunlight during the day. The more sun croton plants receive, the more colorful their foliage becomes. Watch your croton carefully, as new foliage will wilt when thirsty, and can be used as a watering guide. Indoors, crotons also prefer bright lighting, however, be sure to check the variety to determine the light needs of your specific plant. Some varieties need high light while others need medium or low light. In general, the more variegated and colorful the croton plant, the more light it will need. Keep the soil evenly moist and use lukewarm or room temperature water for watering. The plant can also be misted several times a week to help provide moisture and humidity.

So join the croton craze, and celebrate the colors of autumn!

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