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Plant of the Week: Orange Marmalade Crossandra

Sometimes called firecracker flower, this tropical variety puts on quite a show, featuring large clusters of dazzling, frilly orange flowers that pop against glossy dark green foliage. This flowering perennial is easy to grow, loves heat and humidity, and does well in full sun to partial shade. Enjoy blooms late spring through early fall and typically reaching a height and spread of 1-3 feet. Orange Marmalade is perfect for brightening borders, annual and perennial beds and looks fantastic in outdoor containers. For a real tropical look, combine with ferns, hostas, impatiens and philodendrons. The dwarf species are slower growing, making wonderful flowering houseplants, which will bloom on and off all year long provided it gets ample light. As an indoor plant, be sure to mist the leaves regularly. Whether indoors or out, Crossandra will make a beautiful addition to your landscape and home.

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