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Plant of the Week: Marigolds -- Beautiful & Beneficial

These little golden beauties are grown for their season-long blooms, their beautiful scent, and because they are easy to grow. Marigolds bloom early in the summer and continue non-stop up to the first hard frost in the fall. And, did you know that marigold plants produce unique compounds that give off strong odors that deter many insects and pests? By planting marigolds alongside your vegetables, not only are you providing lovely flowers, but you're also helping keep your veggies safe from pests - naturally! Marigolds also help tomatoes and roses grow better and are beneficial for pollinators such as bees and butterflies. These bloomers are perfect in beds, pots and window boxes. Plant them in an area with good drainage, ample moisture and a full to half-day sun. Young plants should have their first flowers pinched off to encourage more blooms and a bushier form. Be sure to deadhead mature plants to ensure continuous flowering. Marigolds, no annual garden should be without these cheerful, bountiful blooms.

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