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Plant of the Week: Citronella Geranium

Linger outdoors a little longer thanks to the mosquito plant! If you love being outdoors in the summer, make sure you pick up a few of these! Nicknamed the mosquito plant, the citronella geranium is a drought-tolerant, vigorous grower, with thick, lacey-green leaves that give off the fresh scent of citrus. Some believe that mosquitoes will avoid the strong citrusy scent at all costs. It is grown more for the foliage and the scent, not the flower, although in spring you will see small, lavender flower bloom. Their rounded, bushy habit and convenient size makes them perfect for planting in containers, which can be placed just about anywhere.

Growing and caring for mosquito plants is easy, making it an ideal plant for both indoors and out. Can be grown outside during the summer, but should be taken inside before the first frost. Prefers at least six hours of sunlight every day whether it is planted outside or indoors near a window but can also tolerate some partial shade. Surround your deck, patio or garden this summer with the lemony-citrusy fragrance of this scented geranium!

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