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Plant of the Week: Better Boy Tomatoes

Did you know that a Better Boy tomato plant once yielded more than 340 pounds of fruit, earning it a Guinness World Record? Although your plant might not yield that much fruit, it will produce plenty of bright red delectables that you can enjoy fresh from your garden all summer long.

Better Boy tomatoes are one of the most popular tomatoes grown. With 8-16 oz round fruit, it has a classic tomato taste and is a great for slicing. The fruit has just the right balance of acid and sugar. It is a climber and requires a tomato cage and staking for best results. They continue to grow until frost and need full sun for best results. Water well to prevent drying out in warm weather and fertilize with liquid or slow release plant food.

Ideal for salads, soups, hot dishes, pickling and superb on sandwiches.

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