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Plant of the Week:


As you fall into the autumn season, consider giving your home the warm seasonal color of Pelee mums. Updating your rooms with color is a quick and easy way to embrace this time of year, and will put you in the mood to enjoy all the bounties the fall months have to offer! Houseplants not only infuse the indoors with the fiery hues of autumn, but they can create a sense of coziness. The Pelee mum is one of our favorite fall plants that will bring the dazzling beauty of the outdoors inside your home.

'Pelee' is a garden mum which bears single flowers in russet-red. The name is derived from the warmth of the colors that come from their reflection of Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess; and hot glowing volcanic lava. The Pelee flower is very large with a dark middle. The brilliance of this mum will compliment any autumnal display.