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Plant of the Week:


Think there’s no such thing as a perfect lady, well think again. Perfect Lady daffodil offers crisp white petals with a contrasting coral-pink cup making this gal a must-have in every garden! This hardy, mid-spring bloomer offers sun-proof color with no fade blooms that last two weeks or more. Perfect Lady does well in any shady or sunny spot and its uses in the landscape are endless. Fall is the time to plant these bulbs in beds, rock gardens, naturalized in the landscape or even in containers. Come spring, this pretty little lady is guaranteed to add a splash of spring color to your garden!

Bulb Planting Tips:

  1. Soil - Bulbs are one of the most forgiving plants avaialble and daffodils will grow almost anywhere.
  2. Light - Morning sun or partial shade is ideal but again bulbs are forgiving and daffodils will grow almost anywhere.
  3. Depth - The rule of thumb is to plant bulbs about 3 times as deep as it is wide, so for daffodils we recommend about 8 inches deep.
  4. Water - Thoroughly water your bulbs after initial planting. Bulbs are pretty self-sufficient from then on as they store thier own water.
  5. Planting - The pointed end of the bulb should always face up. Often, the old roots are visible on the bottom end of the bulbs and these always go down. Some bubls are hard to distinguish the top from the bottom and you can always plant them sideways. Daffodil bulbs are pretty easy to decipher.
  6. Mulch - A 2 to 3-inch layer of mulch will help hold moisture in the soil enhancing the performance of your bulbs. It will also help the soil to maintain a consistant temperature through winter.
  7. When to Plant - Plant these bulbs in September, October and November. They should be in the ground by Thanksgiving. Blooms will appear mid-spring.