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PIXIE GRAPES: The World's First Dwarf Grapes

With Pixie Grapes, expect the perfect patio plant with grapes the first year, miniature grape clusters and continual fruiting. Expect to be amazed! This irresistible grapevine has a natural genetic dwarfing mutation that keeps it small, yet allows it to produce sweet, mini grape clusters just like its full sized relatives. Not only do they taste great raw, but the pinot menuier grapes are used to make champagne and wine! Pixie grapes may flower just a few months from transplant and produce fruit all season long, unlike most grapes which can take several years to reach bearing age. In only 12 weeks you will have a crop of grapes in a 1 gallon pot. Growing only about 18 inches tall, it likes to live in a container and it tends not to sprawl out, which makes it a charming houseplant or patio plant. As it grows, it may require re-potting and a trellis for support. This easy-to-grow plant just needs a sunny spot, moist and a little pruning in the winter.

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‘Pinot Meunier Purple’ - Nice, upright, full plant. Sets tendrils, purple, sweet grape with few seeds.

‘Pinot Meniuer White’ - Medium dwarf, medium to large, dark green leaves, predominantly shallow indentations, almost yellow, sweet grape.

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